Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Old News

Jacquie Here!
To many of you, this is old news. But nevertheless, old news is exciting! I am going to be an aunt! For the first time in my life. I simply can't wait!

And it's all thanks to these cute people...

Shon & Caitlin Hancock
My brother and his super cute wife

Photos taken by Bonnie Fritz

Don't these pictures just make your day? There's something about babies and pregnant bellies that make girls like me get all choked up. I LOVE THEM! And I can't even tell you how excited I am to be "Aunt Jacquie". Or something like that. Whatever Jude Kendall Hancock decides to call me. And that name - So cute, right? I am proud to say that when the happy couple was listing off the names they were considering, "Jude" was my favorite. And they chose it! WOO! ("Hey Jude... Don't be afraid..." timeless song too!) I know that little Jude is going to be SPOILED ROTTEN by his 7 (Yes, SEVEN) aunts. I mean, of course! He's the first nephew on our side of the family! (First grandchild period, actually) And I can't wait to spoil him and love him and cuddle him and buy him cute jammies and brag about him! He's due on December 3rd, 2010. But obviously, there's no guarantee he'll come when he's supposed to. Haha. Oh, and let's talk about the Beautiful Caitlin for a minute... Is she not the most radiant, naturally beautiful pregnant lady you've ever seen? Really, she is so cute. I was lucky enough to live with them for a couple months over the summer and watched her belly grow and watched her take SUCH amazingly good care of herself and her baby. He is going to be the cutest, healthiest baby around, that's for sure. And he has his Momma to thank for taking such good care of the both of them. She's even doing a home birth, which is both the bravest and BEST decision ever! You can really tell how much she already loves this boy so much by the way she takes into consideration every little thing she does or eats and how it can affect little Jude. It really is amazing. She's already the best mother! And Shon! He is already such a good daddy! He's so excited. When I lived there, he would come home from work, and the first thing he would do when he walked through the door would be to kiss his wife and son. And then he'd press him face against her belly (like in the above photo) and talk to Jude. He couldn't stop saying how much he loved him! Oh my gosh, I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about it. And the whole time, I just watched. And fell in love with Jude too. :) I have dreams about him, seriously. Haha. He's definitely gonna be cute! I mean, just LOOK at those genes he's got going for him? Right?

Anyway, this is just the beginning of my "Auntie Brag Book", I'm sure. These two are going to have many cute little ones. And I have lots of other sisters who will do the same someday! :) But I'll have you know, Jude is always going to have a special place in all of our hearts, I'm sure, for being the first one of his generation on our side of the family. Doesn't mean I'll love the others any less, but... "Jude started it!".


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