Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Month of Gratitude

Jacquie Here!
It's officially November! And we all know that November is the month of Gratitude. :)

With Thanksgiving hastily approaching, I just keep thinking about what I'm most thankful for this year..

Let's get serious for a minute...

At the beginning of this semester; upon returning back to Flagstaff after spending a wonderful, blissful, and FUN entire Summer in Seattle with friends and family, I was faced with a lot of REALLY difficult experiences, lessons, and trials. I think it's safe to say that the period from August through early-October this year was probably the lowest and most burdensome of my short life yet. Now, I know that sounds dramatic. But I honestly felt like I had such an AMAZING summer, then I came back to nothing but blow after blow after blow of bad stuff. It seemed to all come at once. And just when I thought I had NO breaking point, I broke. Emotional breakdowns were a daily activity for me. Life was just not fair. I didn't know how to handle it because I always thought I was the kind of person who could take anything graciously and not let it affect me to such a point. Oh how wrong I was. I was SO worn out. Just DONE. I was experiencing so much physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual strain all at once and I gotta say, it was quite detrimental to my health - in ALL of those aspects. We're talking pain here.

Now my point here is not to get pity from anyone. Just giving you some background.

Anyway, THANK THE HOLY HEAVENS that period of my life is O.V.E.R. I lived. I survived. I overcame. I picked up the broken pieces, thanks to the help of some really awesome people in my life. Like my dad. And my mom. And my siblings. And my roommates. And an amazing best friend. And new friends. And lots of other people.. And I NEVER in ten-trillion years thought I would say this (It's even hard to say it now, actually) .. But I am thankful for that learning period in my life. And now that it's November, the month of Gratitude, I guess I can get myself to admit that. Yes, I struggled and cried and hurt, but more than anything, I LEARNED.

I learned about patience.
I learned that a proper amount of sleep is CRUCIAL.
I learned that I, in fact, DO have a breaking point.
I learned that it's okay to stop pretending like everything is butterflies and rainbows.
I learned how to focus on my school work through all of it.
I learned the importance of setting priorities.
I learned that it IS possible to get out of bed and go to school and church and apply for job after job after job when I'd much rather stay in bed and just die.
I learned to love others in different ways.
I learned not to judge.
I learned that Passion Herbal Tea sweetened with Agave nectar heals.
I learned how to cry in front of people.
I learned that I need to be better at remembering that the Savior went through everything I've gone through and MORE - He understands and He is always there!
And above all.. I learned humility - Not an easy thing to learn. Trust me.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is that what I am most thankful for as the year comes to an end is for trials that make me stronger. For the love of the people in my life. And for learning experiences - no matter how tough they may seem at the moment. I'm thankful for LOTS of other things too, but right now, this just sticks out in my mind.

If you are experiencing any extreme lows in your life right now, just know that one day, whether you like it or not, you WILL be thankful for these experiences. You're learning. Just get through it and "come off conqueror" (Doctrine & Covenants 10:5).

Someone gave a talk at church on Sunday and they read this quote.. I just LOVED it and it is so true, so I'm passing it on to YOU!

"There is no comfort in a growing zone & no growing in a comfort zone."

Today, I feel happy. REALLY happy! And it feels great. That's another thing I am grateful for - that I went through those experiences and now am able to appreciate even the smallest amount of happiness! :)

What are you grateful for today??
tell me. :)



  1. Hey girl, awesome post! It is nice to look back at the low points in our lives and see how strong we were through them. Even when you break, and you don't feel strong, like you can't take on more trial... looking back, you can see that you obviously WERE strong, that you obviously COULD handle it, and that you have a strength inside of you that you have never known before. The Lord would not try you above anything you are able to bear, so those trials prove the Lord's faith in you. They also give you the chance to have faith in yourself, so the next time you are faced with such difficulties, you know you have the strength to overcome them. Trials, although it is hard to admit at times, are ALWYAS for your good, and ALWAYS leave you better than you were before. The Lord gives them to us because He loves us. It is brave to be thankful for your trials, and it takes humility, but the Lord blesses us so much when we thank Him for our challenges and the strength they gave us. I know this without a doubt in my heart, and it looks like you do too! Thank you for sharing, thank you for being the great girl you are, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for opening your heart.

  2. Misty! That comment means a lot to me! Thanks girl. You are SO right. :) I love that we blog-stalk each other! haha. I love you too! And thank YOU for being a friend and opening YOUR heart!!

  3. I am just now reading all of your precious blogs but i couldn't help but notice that the scripture you quoted in this post is my favorite! and it is an awesome coincidence that i learned that it would be my favorite when i was at efy with you. i remember they said to pick an important scripture that spoke to you during one of the morning sessions of scripture study. I chose that one, i remember i didnt even get through all of the reading so i had to choose kind of fast, and preferably a simple one so i could explain it if i had to. that scripture has always stuck with me for some reason. i am glad you mentioned it because that scripture has grown on me even more and means a lot to me :)
    I have had low points in my life as well and you are so right! I know everything happens for a reason but in that time of trial it is so hard to think of why Heavenly Father would want such bad things to happen to you, especially when everything is going great, possibly better the it usually does. He seems to humble his children at the right times..we just don't know it until it's over.
    I am at one of those humbling points right now! haha i had just called my dad last thursday to tell him how great and perfect my life was going and how much i loved it. my job, being relatively financially stable, a cute boy, that day i was loving life! last friday i was driving to utah and went to turn into a gas station, the problem was that i was not in the far right lane..taking a risk but i thought the lane was clear and the passengers said it was clear too. but the luggage in the back of the car and my lovely blind spot blocked a truck coming right for us. we got hit in the tail end of the lil SUV i was driving. it was all my fault and i knew it. it wasn't smart or safe what i was trying to do. the worst part is that it was my friend's car...so that is my humbling experience i am dealing with right now! I know this was a long post but i thought i would share with you. Thank you for reminding me that i will learn several valuable lessons from this trial. I need little reminders of good things like that right now. I don't want you to pity me, but i do want you to know that everything happens for a reason and we all find out why eventually, Heavenly Father knows everything! He has a great, wonderful plan for each of us and i'm pretty sure we turn out more then okay in his plan :) haha

    i love and miss you jac! I am loving the thankful posts. reminds me of what i need to be thankful for! :) keep it up. you're the best <3

  4. CHLOE!! I am sorry that things are not on the smoothest path for you right now. But you are SO right.. You will get through it and be even stronger. That's how it works every time! :) I love you and think about you often, babe. And thanks for all the reminders in the post.. VERY helpful, even now. I LOVE YOU!

  5. I LOVE YOU TOO! :) thank you darling