Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

Jacquie Here.

Life is beautiful in Flagstaff. And that is where I live.
I am so lucky.

Just LOOK at how beautiful it is.
Does it make you want to come visit me? I bet so!

Note: These photos were taken in August. In real time, these trees are actually in vibrant Fall colors. Such as orange, yellow, and red. And the grass is scattered with crunchy leaves - which are my #1 favorite. 4 seasons. Be jealous..

Ah. To die for, right? Well, lately, I am thankful for this place where I live. It's got everything a girl like me could want. :)

What are you thankful for about the place you live? Share!



  1. you're right! flagstaff is gorgeous and a lot like the northwest it seems..i would like it :) haha it is always tempting to visit you no matter how beautiful flagstaff is but since i am not in seattle haha i am always grateful for when it rains in rexburg! i love the smell and everything, go out and dance and skip around everytime it rains here. now it's pretty much turned to snow, but i have learned to love and miss the rain since i have left seattle. i'm sure you experienced some of that when ou were in mesa! haha

  2. Thanks Alycia! :)
    Chloe - You would definitely LOVE Flagstaff. It's cool :) Definitely a town with culture, and that is what it is all about for me! And the 4 seasons, of course! But yeah, we don't get a ton of rain here either, so I do the same when we do - RAIN DANCE! We even tried to have a rain dance party once. haha. It's PURE JOY for me and all of us Seattle-ites. Love youuu!

  3. Hey! the "bird Lady" photo you used on facebook for this post was false advertising. You took that in WASHINGTON with ME; NOT in Flagstaff...

    It does look pretty there though, I'll give you that...

    BTW I love that Sara B (haha) Gravity song you have on here. The first time you played that in my car, it didn't do much for me, But after I heard it a few times it grew on me.

    Yesterday I heard first that song, and then Soul Sister, back to back on the radio. Two, very much Jacquie, songs. Definitely made me think of you!!!

    Anyways, I hope all is well.


    O yeah.. I may end up going to Vegas in January or Feb or something. I don't even like Vegas, lol. So if I do, maybe I'll have to check out this wonderful "flagstaff" I hear so much about.. lol

  4. Daniel!
    Haha. So sorry about the false advertisement. That post on FB was actually just an advertisement for my blog as a whole. Not just this post. I don't advertise every post on FB. haha. So that bird lady picture just came up automatically (randomly drawn from all the pics on my blog) haha. Forgive me?

    YESS - You called her Sara B! haha. And yeah, that song is 100% the best. She's so powerful. The version I actually have on here is not the one I first showed you. It's more acoustic. The other one has lots of piano. Glad you can recognize its amazingness now. And how CRAZY that two Jacquie songs in a row came on.. Must be a sign that you need to get down here!! Ha. You are definitely welcome to ditch Vegas for me.. :)