Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today I Am Grateful...

... For a healthy body.

A healthy mind that can wake up on its own in the morning. Healthy legs that can ride my bike. Healthy eyes that can see all that there is to see around me. Healthy hands that can type this blog. Healthy arms that can show people my love with hugs. Healthy feet that can walk and run. A healthy mouth that appreciates the nutritious food I put it it (haha). Healthy ears that can hear all the amazing music there is out there. And a healthy heart that just keeps on doin' it's job.

Such an easy thing to take for granted, but it really is a huge blessing! :)

What are YOU grateful for today? Tell.



  1. I am grateful for the most awesome children in the world. The teach me grace, patience and about life everyday.

    I am blessed for your influence in their (and my) life.

  2. Laura!
    Thank you so much for your comment! I am blessed to know you guys and to have been able to have spent so much time with you all in the past! When are YOU gonna come visit? I've seen the girls a couple times, but not you!