Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Beautiful Lady...


... Is who I was very thankful for this weekend!

Pretty much she is the best date ever. We decided we were looooong overdue for a playdate, so we met up and rode our awesome bikes downtown.

First, we went to the public library. Which is awesome, by the way. If you haven't visited your local city library recently, GO NOW. Really. You're missing out. I am definitely going to take my kids to the library ALL the time when I am a mother.
We went to the video section and found a TON of old movies that were our FAVORITES as little kids (I.E. The Education of Little Tree. Watch it now!). Then, we went to the little kids' area and colored Sesame Street coloring pages. I know, you're jealous.

Then, we just rode around downtown and took pictures of fun and ate ice cream. :)
I am very thankful for our cute little friendship! LOVE YOU, MORIAH!

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