Saturday, January 8, 2011


Jacquie Here.

So, me and some friends were having a discussion shortly before 2011 arrived. We were trying to figure out how to shorten it so you didn't have to say "Two-Thousand-Eleven" every time. Remember back in 2009? It was so easy to say "Oh-Nine", right? But that didn't work for 2010 ("Oh-Ten"? No.) nor does it really work for 2011. Or remember back in the 90's? You simply said "Ninety-Five". But you can't just say "Eleven".... Eleven what?

Well I still think it sounds cool to say "Oh-Eleven", so just let me.

Anyway, this being my first post of Oh-Eleven, I am going to share with you some of my New Year's Resolutions (cliche, I know) for the year 2011:

Mind and Body
Maintain weight and healthy tone
Get exercise regularly - attend yoga and/or exercise classes
Make a more routine sleep schedule
Read more books
Cook more often
Write in journal more often - at least weekly
Improve on the guitar; continue to strengthen musical abilities and USE them.
Don't be idle or wasteful with time
Learn new things - Have a healthy mind
Be more consistent
Strengthen talents and develop new ones
Try my best every day
Be more optimistic
Save more $$; Be smarter about spending - Be more frugal.
Find a good full-time job
Pay off all debts
Relationships with others
Find ways to serve others more often
Be a good example to others
Show more sincere interest in the affairs of others
Don't talk bad about others
Be more patient
Vocally point out others' strengths and good qualities - give compliments
Take more pictures to document my life
Keep in touch with old friends better
Read my scriptures more intently and more frequently
Magnify my church calling
Pray more sincerely to become closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior
Bear testimony more often - through words AND deeds
Be humble
Seek out and pray for missionary opportunities
Make sure that everyday, I am progressing in some area if my life in some way

I know, I know.. Yes, just I categorized them. Don't judge.

So yeah, clearly I have a lot to work on for 2011... The thing about New Year's Resolutions though, is that unless you share them with others, you don't really feel motivated to do a lot of them.. Which is why I shared them with all of you. Pressure's on.

And here's another thing: So far in 2011, I have utterly FAILED at pretty much every single one of the above resolutions. :(
So far, I've slept in way too late every day, I haven't exercised once, I've said something about someone else that I probably shouldn't have, I've skipped out on scripture reading, I've been pretty idle, I've been impatient, I've been prideful, I haven't written in my journal once, I haven't been the best example.... The list goes on. I know it's only been a week, but I need to COMMIT. Starting now.

On another note,
New Year's was very fun this year! Here are some sugar cookies I made to prove it. :)

Notice the glittery icing? I was SO beyond excited when I found edible glitter at Michael's!

Tell me, What did you resolve to improve in Oh-Eleven?

Happy New Year, Friends!


  1. "You can do those sit-ups, just please don't lose that but!" Hey Smacky, so since my blog died i live through yours. I like your resolutionSSSS, you have like a billion and five! I hope you rock it. I should show you my resolutions web chart from last year, it is awesome! You would dig it fo sho. Okay nugga, I will talk to you soon (: xo, Josie

  2. I think you should just say Oh-leven. Cut out that extra syllable. Plus it will confuse people, which is always a bonus.

    And I'm not sure that you can really call that glitter "edible"...maybe more like "it won't kill you".

  3. Haha, Josie, I love you. And your blog didn't die!! I can still see it... Kind of! haha. Will you please make a new one? Because I seriously miss it so bad. I was your most devoted reader. I promise.

    Colton, you are silly. The glitter was INDEED edible and it did not kill me. So shut it! Famous bakeries around the world make gliterry concoctions. Don't hate.