Sunday, January 9, 2011

There Must Be Something in the Water

Jacquie Here.

Quick thought...

Is it just me, or is everyone and their mom getting married/engaged/pregnant lately? At least people my age.

Seriously, every time I sign onto Facebook, another nine-hundred-and-twelve people are announcing they're engaged.

I'm soon to be the only girl of my high school graduating class who's still single.


Oh, but I'm not complaining! I'm still very young... But I'm just wondering what in the world is bringing this all on - Too much, too soon! Haha. There must be something in the water. Please keep that water far away from me for now.

That is all.



  1. You feel left out at first maybe, although I never really did because I was busy. But later you will be so glad you waited it all out. Some of my graduating class buddies are having like their 3rd child and I am acutally super glad thats not me. But everyone is different I suppose. -josie

  2. Haha, I thought that it just seemed like a lot of people were having babies this year because I was paying more attention to it (for obvious reasons). But seriously, I know a million ppl that are getting married/having babies this year. Perhaps we've just finally hit that age group? Join the party! J/K ;)

  3. Haha, Josie, don't worry! I am very glad. :) Haha. I'm just baffled why it's all happening at once!

    Sarah, I know, right?? Even you! haha. ;) But I think I'll wait awhile before I "join the party"... haha!

  4. Haha same with me! My parents get freaked out if I say anything about what i want my wedding to be like or this or that about my future family an what not haha it's funny cause I am with you jac! It seems crazy to be marries so young!! I don't expect to join the party for a while either ha

  5. Haha, Chlo, let us be single cousins for a few more years to come :) Love you!

  6. From experience, it's when you say you're fine staying single that "the guy" comes along. Have fun whatever comes your way :)

  7. Haha! Kylie.. You are a funny one... Let's not jinx me.