Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Jacquie Here.

I try to avoid discussing controversial topics in public places, but I've been thinking about this.. And I'm about to say something that may make some of you upset with me...

I love cooking and cleaning.

There. I said it.

For some reason, people in the world today look down upon that. They look down upon women who spend time in the home and cook and clean and do housewifey things. But what is so bad about that? As women, these things are just in our human nature.

Now don't get me wrong.
I am all for getting an education, having a good job, learning to be independent, and all that jazz. Really. I mean, why else would I be kicking my butt in work and in school? I want to do something with my life. I want to learn. I want to teach. I want to have my own income. I want to make wise investments. And I already feel that I've got the independent thing down for sure. But what will always be first and foremost my biggest desire in this life is to be a wife and a mother. And let me tell you this: I will rock at it. That's just my personal opinion.

People always get mad at me for agreeing with the statement that says, "A woman's place is in the home". Now, I don't agree that 'in the home' is the ONLY place that a woman belongs. But I do agree that the woman is the nurturer and the caretaker of the home. She's the one who does the cooking and the cleaning and the taking-care of the family. But - She does all these things with help and support from the male figure and other members of the household. And why, do you ask, is the woman supposed to do all these things? Because - She's good at it!

Think about it.
Note: This is not a man bashing session. I think men are great.
Can you see a man trying to do all the things we women do? Sure some men can cook, but in general, women are the masters in the kitchen. Sure some men can do laundry, but women are pros at making sure the colors and the darks are separate.

And there is n.o.t.h.i.n.g. wrong with that.. Seriously. I don't see why people think it's a negative thing to say that women are good at these things. Hello? It's talent. It's what we're made for. Just like men are made for car-fixing and bug-killing.

So, I'm not saying that women only belong in the home and that all women are sentenced to a life of housewife-slavery. I'm not saying that by any means. I'm just saying... Don't give us grief for doing things we're good at and loving it! And girls, don't be afraid to embrace your womanhood and develop and strengthen your homemaking skills! You can be a businesswoman and a great housewife simultaneously, I'm sure.

Feminists probably hate me right now.

I would say today was a good day.
- I ran errands (being independent)
- I went to an institute class (getting an education)
- I worked (being self-sufficient, being a businesswoman)
- I did 3 loads of laundry (doing my home duties)
- I cleaned the kitchen.. a few times (again, home duties)
- I cooked.. Made a nice big pot of delicious soup (a home duty that I happen to be talented at)
And I loved every minute of it! Because I am good at it. Doing these things makes me feel useful and strong and well-prepared for my not-so-distant future of being a wife and mother - which I can't wait for. And when that comes, I will be glad that I dedicated myself to perfecting the traits and skills that it takes to manage a happy household. :)

So please, friends, don't make snide comments about how every time you come over, Jacquie's in the kitchen cooking or cleaning something. As a matter of fact, I take that as a compliment. So thank you for noticing.

That is all.
I look forward to reading your comments about this. :)



  1. Jacquie! I LOVE THIS ENTRY. Seriously, I was just talking to my boyfriend about housewifery duties. Of course he loves the fact I enjoy a clean house (meaning I won't let it get gross and dirty) and I love cooking (which means he gets yummy goodies all the time while I wear a cute apron). You're amazing. Women are amazing (but still nothing without men, and vice versa).

  2. Good post! I agree. I feel lucky that I have found a way to earn some good income from home. I didn't really feel the need to do it, but it's a hobby that has turned into something more, and that's pretty awesome. And I get to stay home with my cute boy.

    However, I wish I actually enjoyed the cooking and cleaning part, as you do. :)

    I have thoughts on this subject that I hesitate to share, because I don't want to step on toes. But I do have thoughts, so here they come.

    I think it is unfortunate that we have evolved into a culture where some women don't have the choice to stay home and be a homemaker if they would like to. Many families really can't afford it, but why could so many more families afford it 50 years ago? I'm no economist, but I do have a theory. I think it's because as women were "liberated," and more and more women chose not to stay home, little by little that became the norm and as more families became two-income families, it made it harder and harder for one-income families to be able to afford a comfortable (and I don't mean excessive, I mean comfortable) lifestyle on one income. Which has actually taken the choice away for many women/families.

    What about when a kid is sick? I think a lot of kids (not all, of course) still go to school and daycare when they are sick, because both parents have to go to work. That's bad for the kid, and bad for the other kids who are exposed to more illness because of it. But that's just one example of why I find this situation unfortunate.

    And I'm not suggesting that everything about womens liberation is a bad thing. OF COURSE not. Women should be paid the same as men for the same work and should have all the same opportunities for education and careers. I just feel like the fact that so many women have turned their backs on the idea of being homemakers and staying home with children has actually limited women as a whole.

    Did that all come out right? :)

  3. Good for you Darlin! Not enough people (especially men)value and appreciate the role of Homemaker/Mother. It is an honorable and sacred duty.

  4. @ Autumn - Thanks for your comment! You are so right. We need them, and they need us! Hence there are both male and female created on the earth. :)

    @ Emily - Thanks for sharing all of that! I love this discussion. And yes, it all came out right! I think that is SO great that you have found a way to make money doing something you love and are good at while still being able to be at home with your child. :) (And don't worry - No toes have been stepped on.. but I understand your hesitation. I felt the same way about posting this blog post in the first place). You are totally right about how things in the world have evolved since then. I'm all about equality, but there is something wrong when people fail to fill their divine role in the world and in their families. Hello? Haven't these people read "The Family: A Proclamation To The World"? Haha, probably not. And I totally agree with the whole sending-sick-kids to school and daycare thing.. It's really a sad thing. Especially because, really, some people don't really have any other choice anymore. Like, they really do HAVE to do this. Which I understand and it is sad. But I am not in any way criticizing mothers who really do have to leave the home and their children to work in order to sustain the family. That's just real life these days. I just wish that there wasn't a stigma placed on women who love homemaking.

    @ Mom - You're right - it really IS an honorable and sacred duty. Like I said before, it's all in "The Family: A Proclamation To The World". :)

  5. Will you marry me?

  6. @ Anonymous - Hahaha. I can't give you an answer until I know who you are. ;)

  7. heyyyyy i didnt know you had your own blog! yay! so fun!

  8. @ Nicole - Of course I do! I've had it for awhile.. haha. I always post on FB whenever I write new stuff too.. :) I stalk yours, btw.