Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jacquie Here.

If I were an only child, I'd have my education paid for.

If I were smart, I'd be going to school somewhere prestigious.

If I were living in a bigger home, I'd have friends over for dinner parties all the time.

If I were famous, I'd have a cooking show with my sisters called "Six Sisters in the Kitchen".

If I were rich, I'd buy all my clothes at Anthropologie and locally owned boutiques and I'd fix the bumper on my car.

If I were tall, I wouldn't need to wear heels.

If I were old, I'd have lots of happy grandkids.

If I were patient, I'd have already threaded my sewing machine I got for Christmas.

If I were more diligent, I'd have a really great full-time job.

If I were still in high school, I'd already know what I was going to wear to the prom.

If I were married, I'd have a cute, personalized home full of love.

If I were good at being frugal, I'd have a lot more money in my savings account.

If I were done with school forever, I'd move back to Seattle.


I'm not an only child, so my schooling is a little more difficult to fund.

And I'm not THAT smart, so I'm going to NAU - which is still somewhat prestigious, but it's no Harvard.

And I'm not living in a bigger home, so the occasional Sunday Potluck is as close as we get to dinner parties.

And I'm not famous, so I just pretend like I'm hosting a cooking show in my kitchen as I make my dinner.

And I'm not rich, so most of the clothes I have are still from high school (lucky they still fit!).

And I'm not tall, so I own a lot of high heels.

And I'm not old, so instead of having grandkids, I play with the kids at the preschool I work at.

And I'm not very patient, so my sewing machine is still sitting by the bookshelf... threadless.

And I'm not very diligent, so I still just have a part-time job that I love, but don't make enough $ doing.

And I'm not in high school anymore, so I will not buy that dress I really want, but have no reason, nor means, to buy.

And I'm not married, so I have a mostly-cute, semi-personalized little apartment that I share with 4 other great girls.

And I'm not good at being frugal, so my savings account is pathetic.

And I'm not done with school yet, so I'm still here.


And that's all a-okay with me. For now. Because that's the way it's supposed to be.

Who cares if I'm not an only child, smart, living in a bigger home, famous, rich, tall, old, patient, diligent, still in high school, married, frugal, or done with school? I'm happy, nonetheless.

I have learned that the point is being happy with what you have RIGHT NOW. Not what you WISH you had, USED to have, or what you see SOMEONE else have. That will get you nowhere.

All that matters is that you:
- Don't worry about the things you can't control
- Work on improving your best qualities
- Work at obtaining good qualities you would like to have
- Stop focusing on "finding happiness"...

And just be happy RIGHT NOW!

Forget about all the IF's. Seriously.

That's all. Hopefully this will help you sleep better at night.



  1. very true. Keep being who you are which is AWESOME! you'll get everything you need in life of that im sure :D Sometimes it may not be what you want but God will always give you what you need. Keep doing good and being awesome Jacquie :D

  2. @ Anonymous - Thank you SO much! Having faith is the best way to be truly happy! I appreciate your comment.

  3. you are quite welcome. I wouldnt be anonymous if i had any of those other profiles and it wasnt 11:21. Not motivated to make one right now lol. But anyways your doing great amd you will get to where you want to be :D...someday :p

  4. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I'm so glad you came to visit! I always know I can count on you!!!:) and as a reminder, I'm due June 12th! :)

  5. @ B - I love your blog :) And hey, don't forget that the invitation to come visit me in Flag is always open! Haha. Love you!

  6. Love it girl.

    Ps. Have you been listening to John Bytheway? Some of the stuff you mentioned reminded me of him. Loves.

  7. @ Misty - Thanks :) No, I actually thought of this stuff on my own.. haha. But I'm not surprised John Bytheway thought of it first! haha

  8. "Six Sisters in the Kitchen"...cute! You should do it someday. From your blog I can tell that you're an awesome cook! The guy who marries you will be a lucky man :) By the way, I'm super impressed that you've read "The 5 Love Languages" and apply it even to your friendships!

  9. @ Sarah - Maybe someday I will! Haha. Us sisters always talk about doing it.. And aww, thanks!! :) I'd like to think I am a good cook.. And yes, that book is a good one! I recommend it to my friends all the time haha.

  10. I really like this post. it is oh so true, and a good reminder. especially for our lives right now when some things seem hard and complicated! We have so much to look forward to :) and the things you listed are important to keep in mind. Thank you!

  11. @ Chloe- Thanks girl! Yeah, life always has it's challenges. And we're never perfect, but you're right - we have so much to look forward to!

  12. Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder on some of those things! :) You guys should do a six sisters in the kitchen blog with video posts! Just an idea! And when you move to Seattle you can come try out your recipes on us anytime!!

  13. @ Melissa - I love that idea!! That's genius! haha. Thanks :) And yes, I would LOVE to cook for you anytime I'm in Seattle! Thanks for the comment.