Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life Isn't About Having The Coolest Shoes...

... But if it was, I would win.

($15 at Vans Outlet. No joke!)

Just sayin'...



  1. hahaha i am SUCH shoe girl too...well you know that. even tho you disapprove of my sneakers i love them! i just wrote a post about shoes too :) i made a blog! it's not as cool and inspiring as yours...and sometimes my post are just about my life, and about nothing important but oh well. I really stopped in to say...

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES! THEY'RE WAY CUTE :) and for such a good price. way to go!

  2. Chloe - I know.. You and your shoes. haha. I don't disapprove of your sneakers!! What?!? I think they're awesome for YOU, I would just never wear them because a) we have totally different styles, and b) I couldn't pull them off like you do! Haha. It's fact. Love you!

  3. You would also win if life were about being pigeon-toed. But seriously, they are cool shoes.

  4. @ Colton - I went pigeon-toed for art's sake! Jeeze. But thanks!